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How do you edit kits in the trapKAT - Detailed?
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Editing can be done in FactoryKits or in UserKits.  Any changes to GLOBAL settings (Chapter 7) are permanent, regardless of whether you are in FactoryKits or UserKits.  Changes made to KITs in FactoryKits are temporary (you can change settings in your FactoryKits, but only temporarily - the next time you enter the FactoryKit you’ve changed, it will be back to the way it was before you changed it).  Changes made to UserKits are permanent. Changing NOTE Numbers: For our first adventure in editing, let’s change the NOTE on Pad1 in FactoryKIT 1.  (To get into FactoryKits and select FactoryKIT 1, see Chapter 3.) •  Connect a footswitch into the NOTE EDIT footswitch input. •  Depress the NOTE EDIT footswitch, and while it is depressed hit Pad1.  Pad1 will play and the Note # value (46) assigned to DemoKIT 1, Pad1 is shown on the screen.   •  While the NOTE EDIT footswitch is still depressed, hit Pad1 again. Pad1 will  play a different sound (or possibly be silent), and the next Note # (45) will appear on the screen. •  Each successive hit, while the NOTE EDIT footswitch is depressed, will advance to the next Note #, play it and display it on your trapKAT. This process lets you quickly run through the available sounds.  When you hear one you like for that Pad, stop, and release the NOTE EDIT footswitch.  Now, playing on that Pad will produce the sound you wanted.  It’s that simple! Since this change was done to a FactoryKit, if you select some other KIT and then comeback to this KIT the change you just made will disappear.  Remember, all changes to FactoryKITs are temporary. For more info, see p.13-20 in the trapKAT manual.
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