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What are the FOOT/BREATH screens in the drumKAT?
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Enter the PRE-EDIT Screens by pressing down on Footswitch1 and releasing. Then, hit PAD0 to see the FOOT/BREATH screen: <<<#0 = FOOT/BREATH, to confirm type, hit pad #0 again,FOOTSW1 TO EXIT>>>
The FOOT/BREATH Screens are where you train your FootController and BreathController.

So, hit PAD0 again to verify that you want to see the FOOT/BREATH Screens and you see FOOT/BREATH SCREEN 1: <<<Foot Controller, is ENABLED, BreathController, is DISABLED (DISABLED or ENABLED)>>> If you are using a hatKAT, or similar FootController pedal, to send MIDI Continuous Controller information “ENABLE” the FootController. If you are using a hatKAT to do Pitchbend or Modulation then ENABLE it. However, if you are using a hatKAT in HiHat, or hatNOTE modes only, then DISABLE this setting. “ENABLE” the BreathController only if you are using one. Hit SCREEN ADV for FOOT/BREATH SCREEN 2: <<<train footcontrl, --->put foot in, Full On Position, &Hit Save to set>>> If you are using a hatKAT, you should train it. Put the hatKAT into fully closed position and hit SAVE (PAD7) to read that setting. Then the Screen will prompt FOOT/BREATH SCREEN 3: <<<train footcontrl, -> put foot in, Full OFFPosition, &Hit Save to set>>> Now lift your foot entirely up off of the hatKAT (make sure the pedal has stopped moving) and hit SAVE (PAD7) to read that setting. These readings instruct the drumKAT on the range and type of action of your expression pedal - enabling the drumKAT to work with virtually all expression pedals.
The next Screen shows the results of those readings, FOOT/BREATH SCREEN 4: <<<foot range, open 112(00-254) -209(00-254) cls, chick trip pt197(00-254), splash adjust 60(40-120)>>> There are no good or bad readings. The drumKAT reads the pedal for what it is and then uses these readings to make your foot control device (hopefully a hatKAT) as responsive as possible. The “Chick Point” is the position at which the drumKAT will play a Chick sound. Training the HiHat input sets the Chick Trip Point. However, this setting can be adjusted for personal taste. The higher the number, the closer to the bottom of the pedal the Foot sound will play. CAUTION: The Chick Trip Point must stay between the open and closed numbers or the pedal will not respond properly.
BREATH CONTROL SCREENS: The next several screens have to do with the Breath Control Input on the back of your drumKAT. To actually use a Breath Control you should first adjust the two trimpots in the headset to match the following diagram, then train it. First, match these settings found on page 45 of the drumKAT manual: The first Breath Control Screen prompts you(FOOT/BREATH SCREEN 5): <<<train breathctrl, --->Breathe with, Maximum Pressure, &Hit Save to set>>> So, breathe with full PRESSURE (The maximum pressure you want to use - not necessarily as hard as you can blow!) and then hit PAD7, while you are still breathing full. Then the screen prompts FOOT/BREATH SCREEN 6: <<<train breathctrl, -> Don't breathe, into BreathCntrl, &Hit Save to set>>> So, while you are not breathing into the Breath Control, hit PAD7. These readings instruct the drumKAT on the range and type of action of your Breath Control - enabling the drumKAT to work with your range of expression. The screen should now give you the range your Breath Controller trained at FOOT/BREATH SCREEN 7: <<<breath range, 03-81>>> This is the result of the Breath Control readings. The drumKAT 3.5 uses these settings to adjust for full range control for your particular Breath Controller. If your values are significantly different than these, you should “tweak” or adjust the “OFFSET” trimpot on the Breath Control slightly and then retrain. Several OFFSET changes may be necessary to get optimum settings. It is not necessary to get exactly these settings. The drumKAT will do its best to adjust to whatever readings you get. If your readings are within 03-15 for the low number and 60-83 for the high reading, you are OK.
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