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Can I AUTO TRAIN/AUTO LOAD MIDI Note Numbers into the drumKAT?
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Yes. MIDI Note # AutoLoad: There is a convenient way to match the MIDI Note # on your drumKAT to the buttons on your drum machine (or the keys on your synth for that matter) called “MIDI IN Note # Auto Load”. To use this feature, connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT of your drum machine to either MIDI IN on your drumKAT. Next, position the Cursor on your drumKAT KIT EDIT Screen on the Note #. Now, simply press the button, on your drum machine corresponding to the Sound you desire. If you have made the proper connections, the MIDI Note # (and the Channel) on the drumKAT will visibly change to correspond to the MIDI Note # (and Channel) of the Sound you selected on your drum machine! Be aware, that after you do this AutoLoad and go back to PLAY Mode, the MIDI cable setup used for AutoLoad (basically a loop) may cause a problem. If you hear a flanging effect on the sounds you hear, or if you get an absolute uproar of sound, simply go to GLOBAL Screen 5 or 6 and select OFF for “notes to out”.

Manually Finding the Right Note Numbers:
Some drum machines and samplers are not set up to do the MIDI Note AutoLoad. They may not have a button on their front panel to Play the various sounds inside the sound source. Or, even if you push that Preview, Play, or Note button, some sound sources don’t bother to send out the MIDI Note for that Sound - so AutoLoad can’t work. So, you may need to manually select the right Notes. The best approach to doing this is to pick a Pad and get it to make a sound (see MAKING SURE YOU’RE SET UP RIGHT at the beginning of this section). At the KIT EDIT Pad Definition Screen (KIT EDIT Shortcut), select this Pad and move the Cursor to the Note #. Now, hit HEAR SOUND to verify the Note you currently have. Then, hit VALUE ADV to select another Note #. Now, hit HEAR SOUND to hear that sound. Now, you can swing into a rapid pattern of SOUND ADV then HEAR SOUND looking for the sound you want. When you get to the sound that you wanted, SAVE that change to that Pad. Then, repeat the process for the rest of your Pads.

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