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What are the chord structures available for MELODIC MODE in the drumKAT?
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Chord Structures Available:
Majs - Major scale (Aeolian)
Majc - Major scale in 3rds (chordal fashion)
Dors - Dorian scale (minor with major 6th & flatted 7th)
Dorc - Dorian scale in 3rds (chordal fashion)
Ma7c - Major 7th chord
Mi7c - Minor 7th chord
Mixs - Mixolydian scale
Mixc - Mixolydian scale in 3rds (chordal fashion)
Dims - Diminished scale
Dimc - Diminished chord
Dim7 - Diminished chord with flatted 7th
Augs - Augmented scale
Augc - Augmented scale in 3rds (chordal fashion)
7-Aug - Augmented chord with added flatted 7th
Sus1 - Scale in 4ths
Sus7 - Scale in 4ths with a flatted 7th
Blu1 - Blues scale (flatted 5th, perfect 5th)
Blu2 - Variation of blues scale (minor 3rd/major3rd)
Blu3 - Variation of blues scale (minor 3rd with flatted 5th)
4ths - Scale with perfect 4ths
4th2 - Scale with 4ths over 2 octaves
1stM - First inversion major chord
2ndM - 2nd inversion major chord
1stm - 1st inversion minor chord
2stm - 2nd inversion minor chord
1-M7 - 1st inversion major 7th chord
2-M7 - 2nd inversion major 7th chord
1-m7 - 1st inversion minor 7th chord
2-m7 - 2nd inversion minor 7th chord
DoSo - Notes alternate between root and 5th
DoS2 - Variation of notes alternate between root and 5th
NOTE: The above list contains both chords and scales. Chords will sound pleasing when used with melMUL and melALT pads. Scales will sound pleasing with melALT but possibly not sound pleasing with melMUL pads. This is because a melMUL picks the first 4 notes of the scale (which may sound nice as a scale but not as a chord). As usual, feel free to experiment!

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