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What types of HIHAT MODES are in the drumKAT?
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You have 3 ways to setup a hihat in the drumKAT 3.5: Normal HiHat (using a footswitch like the KF1), HATNOTE and Controller 04 (which both use Continuous Controller information sent out from pedals like the hatKAT). (See pages 77-81 in the drumKAT manual for more info).
Normal HiHat - Most all sound sources will work with the HiHat mode.
Controller 04 (Open, Chick, and Controller 4 give continuous variation) (Controller 04 creates Closed & Splash from the Open & Chick sounds) - Should be used if you have a sound source that will respond to Continuous Controller information and you are using a hatKAT pedal.
HATNOTE (8 Notes Open to Close, Chick, Splash) - should be used if you have a sound source that doesn t respond to continuous controller information and you are using a hatKAT pedal or if you have a sampler or sound source with multiple separate sounds from Open to Closed.
Normal HiHat (Open, Closed, Closed2, Chick) - can be used with any sound source if you have a KF1 footswitch as your HiHat pedal.
The Foot Control input is located on the side of the drumKAT and is labeled KF1 / hatKAT Input.
KATs control pedal, the hatKAT, can be combined with the new software for very realistic hihat playing. As you depress the pedal more and more, the sound of playing on the hihat pad can get more and more closed. Even the chick sound is dynamic.
To make this even easier find your sound source in the following list and you will know exactly which of the 3 choices (Controller04, hatNOTE, or normal HiHat) to use!
Controller 04 - Roland TD7, TD8, TD10, TD20,
(Controller 01) - EMU PROCUSSION
HATNOTE - Boss DR550®, DR660®, DR770®, DR880®, R8®, R8M®; Alesis D4®, SR16®, HR16/B®; Yamaha RY30®, RM50®, RY10®, TMX®.
***NOTE*** It is possible to have more than one HiHat Pad per Kit. Multiple HiHat Pads allows you the convenience of having a HiHat on both the left and right side of your Kit.
***NOTE*** There is only one Chick and one Splash per Kit.

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