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There is NO SOUND when I play the drumKAT?
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If there are no sounds out of your Sound Source when you play on drumKAT, here is a list of things to try to help isolate your problem:
• Verify drumKAT and Sound Source are ON and are plugged into working AC sockets! (Do their displays light up?)
• Try a compatible AC adaptor if the drumKAT does not beep or “light-up” on power up. The AC adaptor must have a “positive tip” as designated by this symbol: ( ) and its output should be between 9V and 12V, with 400mA or greater current rating.
• Verify drumKAT MIDI OUT is connected to Sound Source MIDI In.
• Try another MIDI cable.
• Verify Sound Source is OK. Can it make sounds on its own? (Push its sound buttons and listen with headphones.) Try to control the Sound Source with another controller.
• Verify drumKAT is alive by depressing the Footswitch1 and hitting a Pad. If you see that Pad come up on the display then the drumKAT is seeing it’s Pads and is alive and running.
• Call up Demo Kit 4 on the drumKAT (see p.42). Verify that the Sound Source is On MIDI Channel 10.
• Disconnect the MIDI cable. Turn the drumKAT and Sound Source Off.
Turn the drumKAT and the Sound Source back on. Reconnect the MIDI cable.
• Try REINITIALIZING your drumKAT (See p.43).
• Call KAT Customer Service (413) 594-7466.
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