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The HiHat does not work in the drumKAT?
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Here is a list of things to try to help isolate your problem:
• See Chapter 9, “HiHat”.
• Verify hatKAT or HiHat footswitch is plugged into correct input on the side of the drumKAT.
• Call up Demo Kit 4 on the drumKAT (See p.42). Verify that the Sound Source is on MIDI Channel 10. See if pads 7 or 0 act like HiHats.
• Disconnect the MIDI cable. Turn the drumKAT and Sound Source Off.
Leave all footswitches plugged in. Turn the drumKAT and the Sound Source back on. Reconnect the MIDI cable.
• Try REINITIALIZING your drumKAT (See p.43).

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