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The drumKAT playing surface is not responding well.
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Here is a list of things to try to help isolate your problem:
• Adjust thresholds of your Pads - see p.82-92
• Train your Pads to your personal dynamic range.
• Call up Demo Kit 1 on the drumKAT (See p.42). Verify that the
Sound Source is on MIDI Channel 10. See if pads 7 or 0 act like
• Disconnect the MIDI cable. Turn the drumKAT and Sound Source Off.
Leave all footswitches plugged in. Turn the drumKAT and the
Sound Source back on. Reconnect the MIDI cable.
• Try REINITIALIZING your drumKAT (See p.43).
• Take off 6 side screws. Remove frame that holds rubber down onto chassis. Remove rubber playing surface. Use a dry cloth to clean away any debris that may have accumulated on top of the black playing surface and the backside of the rubber. Then reassemble.
• Call KAT Customer Service (413) 594-7466. If you experience a problem with your electronic system, try to isolate specifically where the problem is. Is it in your Sound Source? Amp? How about your footswitches or MIDI cables or power cables? The more that you can rule out or discover before you call us, the easier it will be for us to help you solve your problem.

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