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How do I change the drumKAT software chip?
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HOW TO PHYSICALLY CHANGE YOUR SOFTWARE CHIP: Tools Needed: 1 small & 1 medium flat screwdriver. 1) First, remove the power cord from the back of the drumKAT! 2) Find a smooth, clean, flat surface and place your drumKAT upside down on it, the jacks facing away from you. 3) Remove back cover of the drumKAT (10 screws). 4) When the drumKAT is opened, you will see one large circuit board. On the front right of the printed circuit board is a large chip with a white paper label that says something like “drumKAT 2.5”. This chip is next to a chip that says “DALLAS”. The chip with the white label is your Software Chip, the code that runs your drumKAT - its Operating System. Before you take the old software chip out, note how it is oriented in the socket. Specifically notice that the “notch” on the end of the chip is away from you. 5) To remove an old chip, you will use your small flat screwdriver. You will want to pry the chip out of its socket. DO NOT pry out either of the two sockets underneath the Software Chip. They both remain attached to the printed circuit board. Look at the Upgrade chip you received and you will be able to tell what is the chip and what is the socket. You want to insert the screwdriver between the chip and the top of the two sockets so as to pry up the chip but not the sockets. You also should take turns prying a little bit at a time on each end of the chip. If you pry a LOT on one end, you will excessively bend the small legs on the other end as the chip pivots on them. Don’t be scared - just pry a little more on each side alternately until the chip is out. Take your time, don’t be in a hurry. Make sure you insert the small screwdriver between the chip and the socket before you start to pry each time. (Instead of between the socket and the circuit board or between the two sockets.) 6) After you have the chip out, place the new chip in its socket, being careful to orient it in the same way that the old chip was (remember the “notch”?). Take a little care to align the legs of the chip into the holes in the pins of the socket. Then push down evenly on the chip. It should push down snugly into the socket. Visually check to see that none of the legs got squished and are smashed under the chip. 7) Replace the back cover of your drumKAT and reinsert the 10 screws. 8) Turn your drumKAT back over, and reinsert the power cord. Now turn your drumKAT back on. If the display is working, you are OK. If the display is not working then: a) Remove the power cord again. b) Turn the drumKAT over again and remove the 10 screws. c) Take the back cover off again. d) Try reinserting the chip (pry it out again to make sure that the legs didn’t get bent under the chip). e) Put the back cover on, turn the drumKAT back over, reinsert the power cord, and turn the power back on. f) If this still fails, put your OLD software back in and give us a call @ 413-594-7466. 9) After you have had the new software in and used it for several days, please send the old chip back to us. They are reusable.
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