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Characteristics of Hihat Pedals for the trapKAT
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The results represent the trapKAT's readings of continous controller hihat pedals.

Yamaha H65 0-1k (1000 ohms)
training results 34-34-34-36          
(this makes the Yamaha pedal useless with the trapKAT)

drumTech hatPedal  40k-2k (2000 ohms)
training results  59-91-139-163-193

pinTech HyperKAT  40k-100 ohms
training results  65-103-160-188-231

E Pedal (alternate mode version)  50k-100 ohms
training results  48-90-153-184-221

TrapKAT HiHAT Training Info

In the Kit Edit Screens, under pad 20 (behind the NO FUNCTION display) are numbers that represent the results of a Global HiHAT training.  Hit pad 20 twice with the Kit Edit Footswitch Held Down to see this info.

There are Five malleable numnbers
1 Foot Closed = This represents the LOW LEVEL.  Use pads 1 & 11 to lower or rasie value.

2 Open = This represents the controller region.  Use pads 2 & 12 to lower and raise value.

3 Weight Level = Use pads 3 & 13 to lower and raise value.

4  Closed Region = use pads 4 & 14 to lower and raise value.

5 Height Level  = use pads 9 & 10 to lower and raise value

This information is NOT in the current trapKAT manual.
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