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Hihat Control? How do the various hihat pedals compare?
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All of the hihat pedals send out continuous control data when the pedal is pushed down.  The software in the drumKAT/trapKAT use this data and generate a chick and splash down determined by how fast you move from one position to the other.  Velocity information is also interpreted that way.
The one exception to this is the hatpedal.  Besides sendng out  CC data, it also has an independent trigger out.  This is a real trigger that sends out voltage depending on how hard the footboard hits the bottom of the pedal.   If you have a drumKAT, you then can use one of its trigger inputs.  You assign that trigger to the chick sound.  This will give you better velocity sensitiviy for the chick sound.
For the trapKAT, you must use the CC method to obtain pedal position and chick velocity.
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