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How do you change the Note in the trapKAT?
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Changing the Note: The Note is the one KIT setting that is not changed using the KIT/PAD EDIT footswitch.  Notes are changed so often that it is given its own footswitch input. There are two ways to edit your Note settings: 1. Manually selecting the Note, 2. Autotraining through your MIDI In. Manually selecting the Note or sound per pad was described at the beginning of this Chapter.  Simply hold down the NOTE EDIT footswitch and repeatedly strike the pad you want to change until you hear (or see) the sound you want for that pad. One additional thing to show is how to decrement the Note # if you increment too far and want to go back a couple.  You can decrement the value by doing a “quick click” on the footswitch.  To do this while editing, release the NOTE EDIT footswitch. then quickly redepress the NOTE EDIT footswitch (with no pad hit in between) and then hit Pad1.  This will reverse the process of Note selection. This “quick click” method for reverse works for all of the other editing functions as well.  Notice that the beeper sound changes when you go in reverse. If your drum machine or sound source has buttons to play all of its sounds (and your sound source sends Out MIDI information), MIDI In Auto Load is a convenient way to select Note #s.  To try this: 1.   Connect another MIDI cable from the MIDI Out of your sound source to the MIDI In of your trapKAT.   2.  Then while the NOTE EDIT footswitch is depressed, hit the pad you want to change. 3.  Push the sound button on your sound source.  The Note # corresponding to the sound you just played on your sound source should now appear on your display.  If the trapKAT display does not change, check your connections and make sure you keep your foot on the NOTE EDIT footswitch. See p.16 in the trapKAT manual or HERE - [how to edit kits].
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