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How do I physically change the chip on the malletKAT?
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Inserting New Software Chips for Software


How to Physically Change Your Software Chip

And the Special Patch Chip


Turn on your malletKAT and look at the display. If you see a “+” sign

after the word malletKAT, (malletKAT+) then you should be installing the

20 meg version. Otherwise you will need to install the 16 meg chip. You

MUST install the right chip for the malletKAT to work! Call us if you have

the wrong chip at hand.


One Philips Head Screw Driver

One Flat Screw Driver


1) Remove the power cord, foot switches and any MIDI cables

from the malletKAT. Find a smooth, clean, flat surface and

place your malletKAT upside down, with the jacks facing

away from you.

2) Remove the back cover of the malletKAT, using the Philips

Screwdriver. Notice that some of the screws are shorter

(by the power input and MIDI jacks). Keep note of this when

re assembling the back cover.

3) When the malletKAT is opened, you will see a large circuit

board on the left of the instrument. On the left side of the

board, directly below the footswitch one jack is a large chip

(U8 on the board). There should be a label on it saying the

version of software (i.e. 3.6YS). This is the software chip,

the code that runs your malletKAT- its’ Operating System.

4) Before you take the old software chip out, note how the

chip is oriented in the socket. Specifically notice that there

is a “notch” in the chip on the top part away from you.

This notch tells you which is the top part of the chip when

you install it.

5) To remove the old chip, you will use your small flat

screwdriver. You will want to pry the chip out of its socket.


pry out the socket underneath the Software

Chip. It remains attached to the printed circuit board.

Look now at the new Upgrade Chip you received and you

will be able to tell what is the chip and what is the socket.

You want to insert the screwdriver between the chip and

the top of the socket so as to pry up the chip but not the

socket. You should alternate lifting each end of the chip

until it is free. If you pry out too much on one side, you

will excessively bend the small legs on the other end as the

chip pivots on them.

6) After you have the chip out, place the new chip labeled


in the socket, being careful to orient it in the same

way that the old chip was. (Remember the notch on top?)

Take a little care to align the legs of the chip into the holes

in the pins of the socket. When they are all aligned, gently

push down evenly on the chip. It should push down snugly

into the socket. Visually check to see that none of the legs

got squished and are smashed under the chip.


Replace the back cover of your malletKAT and reinsert the

screws. IMPORTANT- Use only the short screws

under the power jack and footswitch jack.

You don’t want to jam the long screws into the power jack.

A long screw

WILL damage the on off switch or footswitch


8) Turn your malletKAT over; reinsert the power cord and foot

switches and power up. You should see the malletKAT

display the

4.0 software letters. If the display is working,

you are OK. You must now reinitialize your malletKAT. With

the edit footswitch down, hold down both function pads

until the screen tells you to also hold down the adjacent A#

key. Continue holding down all three pads with the edit

footswitch down until you hear the special reboot sound.

You are now ready to enjoy the new software,


1) Remove the power cord and jacks again.

2) Turn the malletKAT over and remove the screws and back


3) Try reinserting the chip (pry it out again to make sure that

the legs didn’t get bent under the chip).

4) Put the back cover back on, turn the malletKAT back over,

reinsert the power cord, and turn the power back on.

5) If this still fails, put your OLD software back in and give us a

call at 877-933-6237.


After you have had the new software in and used it for

several days, please send the old chip back to us. They are

reusable, and help to keep the prices down.



The new

4.0 software will NOT accept an ALL MEMORY or GLOBAL

dump from a 3.6 malletKAT. It will accept an ALL KITS DUMP but

there is a new development.

The new software has changed the way we name program and bank

numbers. Instead of using numbers 1- 128, we now confirm to the

more widely accepted 0-127 standard. This means that your

program change numbers and bank change numbers will be off by

one when loading in your old kits. You can manually change each

one, or you can use the PATCH CHIP that will automatically reassign

the new values to your old kits so that everything goes back to

normal. The same sound will come up, but with a different (lower

by one) program or bank number.

This chip is necessary ONLY if you have lots of USER KITS from 3.6,

and you do not want to manually change the PC and Bank Numbers.

When updating from a prior release to the

malletKAT 4.0, you

will need to use the following steps in order to modify the program

and bank select values in any saved user kits.

1) Save the USER KITS (ALL KIT DUMP) by sending a data

dump to a sequencer or data filer using your existing

software release. (probably version 3.6)

2) Install the new malletKAT 4.x chip and Reinitialize the


3) Load the old ALL KIT DUMP User Kits back into the


4) Remove the

malletKAT 4.0 chip and install the PATCH

CHIP. Power up the instrument, wait a few moments for

the changes to take place, then shut off the instrument


5) Now reinstall the new

malletKAT 4.0 chip

All of your USER KITS will now work the same, but the display will show

the program and bank numbers to be one count lower

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