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How do you change the Channel in the trapKAT?
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Changing the Channel: For most applications, you will find that Channel 10 is the right place to be for drums and percussion. With the KIT/PAD Edit footswitch depressed, hit Pad1.  The display will say: <<>> With the KIT/PAD EDIT footswitch still depressed, hit Pad1 again. The Channel advances to 11.  Hit Pad1 again and it advances to 12, etc.  Pretty simple! Feel free to try selecting different Channels to see what effect it has on the sound source you are using.  As we said earlier, many drum machines only work on Channel 10.  Some GENERAL MIDI sound modules will make a different sound on each Channel, with drums and percussion on Channel 10.  One difference to this is many of the Yamaha drum machines (like the older RY-30) need to receive on Channel 1. If you want to have your pads on different Channels you can change the Pad Channel by hitting rimPad11.  The display will ask which Pad you want to change the value for.  Then you proceed as normal to change the Channel for that pad. If you have pads on different Channels and call up the KIT Channel function (Pad1) the setting will say “VARIOUS”.  Now, simply hit Pad 1 (while KIT/PAD EDIT footswitch depressed) again and all pads will be back onto the same Channel. See p.16 in the trapKAT manual or HERE - [how to edit kits].
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