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How do I change sensors on the drumKAT?
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Changing the FSR Sensors on the drumKAT


Unplug the drumKAT power cord from the wall.

2. Remove the back cover.

3. Carefully disconnect the beeper and the transformer from the bottom left side of the circuit board.

They are encased in the white plastic. Lift lip and pull out connector.

4. Disconnect the white plastic 9-pin connector that connects the back power section to the printed

circuit board, if applicable. This is done by firmly prying the two halves of the connector apart.

Do not pull on the attached wires.

5. Disconnect the 15-pin ribbon connector in the center of the board by gently but firmly pulling up

on the ribbon using thumb and first finger (both hands). You are disconnecting this from the board.

6. Directly under and to the left of the 15-pin ribbon connector that you have just disconnected, you

will see the keyboard connector. Slide the keyboard connector off of the pins on the circuit board

to release it from the board.

7. Now remove the 9 screws holing the circuit board in. Carefully lift up the PC board and feed the

15-pin connector and the keyboard connector through the hold in the circuit board.

8. Remove the circuit board.

9. Turn the drumKAT over and remove the 6 side screws holding the outer metal frame. Remove he

metal frame. Remove rubber.

10. You are now looking at the FSR sensor. Make a mental note of its position on the drumKAT metal.

Note that the sensor is basically centered on the metal chassis and that the keyboard edge under

the display lines up with the “tail hole slot” in the metal. You will need to reinstall the new FSR

sensor in the exact same location. Remove the old FST sensor by prying up at one corner and

peeling it off of the metal chassis.

11. Clean the top of the drumKAT metal with isopropyl alcohol. This will get rid of

any residue left from the previous FSR adhesive. Wipe off any excess alcohol from the drumKAT


12. Tear off a middle section of the paper backing on the New FSR sensor. Turn over

the FSR so that the adhesive side is towards the metal. Feed tail fully through the slot in the


13. Line up the center of the FSR with the center of the display. Line the FSR up squarely and evenly

on the metal.

14. Starting from the center of the FSR, press the sensor firmly onto the metal, and smooth ou the FSR

to top and bottom. This allows you to remove any air pockets that may otherwise be trapped

between the FSR and metal. Before removing the remainder of the paper backing, make sure that

the FSR is completely centered by putting your rubber mat over the FSR. This must line up with

the display section and the bottom and side edges with the metal.

15. Without moving the position of the rubber, lift up the bottom center of the rubber and make sure

that the center dividing line between pads one and two lines up with the dividing line on the FSR

between pads one and two.

When everything lines up, remove the rubber and lift one side of the FSR and remove its paper


16. Gently smooth from center to side to assure all air is removed.

17. Remove the backing on the other side and repeat procedure.

18. Replace rubber mat.

19. Replace the metal frame, and insert screws.

20. Flip drumKAT over. Remove small piece of adhesive backing found on the tail of the FSR. Gently

slide the part of the tail nearest the hole under the display so that the adhesive holds the tail


21. While holding the circuit board in your hand, feed the 15-pin display connector and the keyboard

connector up through the board. Now lay the circuit board down inside the drumKAT chassis.

Adjust the position of th board (especially where the jacks align with the holes in the back) so that

the holes in the board align with the standoffs of the chassis so that you can insert the screws.

Screw the circuit board in.

22. Reconnect the 15-pin display connector, the keyboard connector and the 9 in power connector to

the board. Slide the two 3-pin white plastic connectors (for the transformer and beeper) back in.

23. Replace the back cover.

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