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How do I set up, play and edit my trapKAT?
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How do I set up, play and edit my Trapkat?

From the factory to you, your TrapKat is programmed to work "out of the box" along with most sound modules and drum machines on the market. (Especially the General MIDI sources, which are great for preprogrammed grooves)

  • Connections
  1. Connect a KF-1 footswitch into the KIT SELECT input. This footswitch allows you to select different KITS.
  2. Connect a MIDI cable from either of the two MIDI OUTs in the back of the TRAPKAT to the MIDI in on your sound source.
  3. If you have purchased a HatKAT or FatKAT plug them in too. Connect from the HAtKAT control output into the HiHat input. Connect from FatkAT into the bass input.
  4. Connect the AC adaptor into the power input of your TrapKAT. Screw the AC adaptor retention ring firmly onto the receptacle on the back of your TrapKAT. Plug the AC adaptor into the wall socket. Turn your TrapKAT on first, then your sound source.
  • To Play and Edit

Simply play the TrapKAT by hitting the pads (or HATKAT or FATKAT pedals) without stepping on any of the footswitches. The TrapKAT will play the sounds in your sound source. Go ahead and jam!

  • You can change settings in the TrapKAT by hitting the TrapKAT pads while a footswitch is depressed. This allows you to:
  1. Quickly select any of 24 kits by hitting any pad while the kit select footswitch is depressed (EX: Pad1 = KIT1, Pad2=KIT2)
  2. Quickly change any note or sound by hitting the pad you want to change, more than once while the NOTE EDIT footswitch is depressed.
  3. Change other KIT settings (like Channel, velocity, gate, volume) by hitting the appropriate pad while the KIT/PAD EDIT footswitch is depressed.
  4. Change global settings (Like training your pads for your playing dynamics, selecting factory or user kits, re-initializing, data dumping) by hitting the appropriate pad while the global edit footswitch is DEPRESSED.
  • To DECREMENT Note, kit/pad or Global settings in the TrapKAT, do a Quick Click.

A quick Click is done by releasing the footswitch you are editing with and quickly redepressing it (less than one second) After a quick click subsequent hits of a pad while editing, will decrease the value of a setting. A second quick click will undo the DECREMENTING back to INCREMENTING.

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