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How do I control CONTROLLERS on the GigKAT, malletKAT KS and trapKAT KS?
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The Kurzweil Sound Card inside the GigKAT and KAT controllers have the ability to accept Continuous Controller Commands that affect the way the instrument sounds.  Here is a list of the common commands.  Please note that some of these CC Commands do not respond in every sound.  You have to experiment.

CC # 22 = EFX Control
CC # 18 = Reverb Control

CC# 14 Drum Kit Filter
CC #15 Drum Kit Patch

CC #19 = Drum Kick Volume
CC #20 = Drum Snare Volume
CC # 21 = Drum Toms Volume
CC#23 Drum Hihat Volume
CC # 17 Drum Miscellaneous Volume

The sound card that we use is similar to the PC3 keyboard.
You might find some interesting info by going to


If you are reading the PC3 manual, please note that some of the Controllers functions have been reassigned to other numbers.  Here is the list below

CC 14 in place of 6
CC 15 in place of 13
CC 19 in place of  22
CC  20 in place of 23
CC  21 in place of 24
CC  23 in place of 25
CC  17 in place of 26
CC  22 in place of 27
CC  18 in place of 28

What this means is that if you are reading the PC3 manual, and you want to access the effect that's listed as CC 6, use CC 14 instead

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