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What is different about 7.5 B malletKAT
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Version 7.5 B is a hardware change as well as a software upgrade from version 7.1

7.5B uses the malletKAT's two MIDI outs in a different way.  The MAIN MIDI out (on the back of the malletKAT) is the same MIDI out that powers the INTERNAL Kurzweil Card.  The side MIDI jack is the EXTERNAL MIDI Out.   When setting up User Kits, there is a INTERFACE Setting in the KIT AUX Screens.  If you set this to INTERNAL, MIDI will flow to the sound card and the rear MIDI out, but NOT the side jack.  If you set this to EXTERNAL, no MIDI will flow from the rear port.

When sending out SYS EX, please use the INTERNAL REAR MIDI JACK.

If you dump an older version 6 software dump to the malletKAT 7B, you will need to change the Interface Settings.  What was INTERNAL should be set to EXTERNAL and if you were using EXTERNAL, you will need to set it to INTERNAL
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