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How do you change the Velocity Curve in the trapKAT?
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Changing the Velocity Curve: The Velocity Curve controls how quickly the Velocity gets louder as you play from soft to hard.  The easiest way to understand what that means is to try some of the different Velocity Curves. So, with KIT/PAD EDIT depressed, hit Pad4.  The screen says: <<>> Hit Pad4 a second time to get: <<>> Release the KIT/PAD EDIT footswitch and try it out.  Velocity Curve 1 is a “linear” curve - the loudness increases in a smooth way from soft to loud.  Velocity Curve 2 is different.  It stays soft longer as you play harder - until finally it gets louder in a hurry at the top of your dynamic range.  Try all of the Velocity Curves.  A brief description of each is given below. As with the other Velocity settings, you can change the settings for all of the pads at the same time (Pad4=KIT Velocity Curve) or for each pad individually (rimPad14=Pad Velocity Curve).   Velocity Curve 1 - Linear - Smooth from bottom to top. Velocity Curve 2 - Stays low longer than Linear. Velocity Curve 3 - Stays low even longer than 2. Velocity Curve 4 - Slow linear with accent at the end. 19 Velocity Curve 5 - High minimum, stays low, then accent. Velocity Curve 6 - Gets up sooner than Linear. See p.19-20 in the trapKAT manual.
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