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HiHat in the trapKAT?
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Getting responsive HiHat control is a very important part of any electronic percussion setup.  In this Chapter, you will learn how to train your HiHat response, select Note and other KIT settings for Open, Close, Chick, and Splash sounds in your trapKAT.  You will also learn how to select different types of Continuous Control information for advanced HiHat control with a hatKAT HiHat pedal.  The first topic to cover is how to select a pad to be a HiHat pad. See p.21-25 in the trapKAT manual or HERE - [how to select hihat pads]. There are 4 basic things that must be done to setup the hihat... 1. Select the pad(s) to be hihat. 2. Define sounds. 3. Assign foot controller. 4. Train your pedal.
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