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How do you select the HiHat Splash sound in the trapKAT?
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When using a HiHat controller pedal, you can also set the "Splash" sound. DEFINING SETTINGS FOR SPLASH: To edit the Splash settings involves a little more. To edit the Splash Note #, simply hit Pad6 repeatedly with the KIT/PAD EDIT footswitch depressed.  The rest is then the same. The Splash Channel, Minimum Velocity, Maximum Velocity, Velocity Curve, and Gate Time, are all determined by the settings of the Chick (see p.22). The “Ease” of Splash occurring can be “Adjusted” by hitting Pad6 with the GLOBAL EDIT footswitch depressed.  See p.23-25 in the trapKAT manual. Other HiHat topics: Foot Control Assign, Defining Splash, Selecting HiHat pads, Defining Open/Closed/Foot, Train HiHat pedal.
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