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How do you assign the Foot Control Input in the trapKAT?
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FOOT CONTROL ASSIGN: The most advanced HiHat control is available from sound sources that use “Continuous Controller” information to create variable amounts of Closed for a HiHat.  This permits your HiHat pads to not just be Open or Closed, but to play sounds that vary continuously from Open to Closed.  As you move your hatKAT pedal the trapKAT sends a stream of information to the sound source about the changing position of the HiHat pedal.  Then, when an Open sound is played from a pad, the sound source will be able to play a sound that varies with the actual amount that the pedal is closed. As of the writing of this manual, the sound sources capable of responding to this Continuous Controller information include the Roland TD7® & TD5® (wants Control 04) and the E-mu Procussion® (wants Control 01 “out of the box”, but can be changed to respond to Control 04).  Undoubtably more of the newer devices will have this feature - feel free to call us and check out the state of the industry at the current time. If your sound source does respond to Continuous Control for HiHat, the way to access this feature in your trapKAT is as follows: 1.  Depress the KIT/PAD EDIT footswitch. 2.  Hit rimPad18.  The display will say: <<>> 3.  If you now hit rimPad18 again the setting will run through the choices of 01, None, and back to 04. Generally, if you are using Continuous Controller HiHat, you will use it on Channel 10.  However, if you have more than one device that responds to Continuous HiHat control (both an E-mu Procussion® and a TD7®, for example), you will need to change the Foot Control Channel in each Kit if you want to access the two sound sources separately per Kit.  This is done by hitting rimPad17 while depressing the KIT EDIT footswitch.  The choices for Foot Control Channel are Channels 1 through 16 and “Same As Chick”.  “Same As Chick” is the standard setting for most applications.  With this setting, the FootControl Channel will always match whatever you select for the Chick sound.  If your device does not respond to Continuous Control information for HiHat control, you may choose to turn this setting OFF.  This will decrease the amount of information sent out of your trapKAT to your sound source.  If you leave this setting on 01 or 04, no harm will come to sound sources that don’t respond to it.  It’ll be like junk mail that you ignore and throw out when bring in the days mail - it doesn’t really affect the mail you do want to read. See p.23-25 in the trapKAT manual. Other HiHat topics: Train HiHat Pedal, Defining Splash, Selecting HiHat pads, Defining Open/Closed/Foot, Defining Splash.
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