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What are Global Settings in the trapKAT?
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Making changes to the GLOBAL settings in your trapKAT is just as easy as the changes to your KIT/PAD settings.  The GLOBAL changes you can make range from adjustments to the response of your pads, to Preferences like FactoryKits/UserKits and turning the beeper off. An illustration of the layout [global pdf] of the GLOBAL Functions is on p.37-38 in the Appendix. PAD01 = User/Factory Kits PAD02 = User Kits Groove Enable PAD03 = Memory Protect PAD04 = Merge On/Off PAD05 = Grooves Auto Off Enable/Disable PAD06 = Splash Adjust PAD07 = Program Change Receive Enable PAD08 = Cymbal Choke Enable PAD09 = Melodic Groove Volume Adjust PAD10 = All Memory Data Dump PAD11 = Pad Train PAD12 = Pad Threshold PAD13 = Pad Lo Dynamic PAD14 = Pad High Dynamic PAD15 = trapKAT Re-init PAD16 = General MIDI Note Names On/Off PAD17 = HiHat Pedal Train PAD18 = Bass Trigger Gain PAD19 = Beeper On/Off PAD20 = Display Viewing Angle PAD21 = Select Breath Function PAD22 = Train Breath Control PAD23 = Global Data Dump PAD24 = 1 Kit Data Dump
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