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How do you adjust the pad response (Pad Train) in the trapKAT?
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ADJUSTING RESPONSE OF PLAYING PADS: Everyone’s playing style is different from everyone else’s.  Some players play with a much lighter touch than others.  Because of this, the trapKAT allows you to “train” your own personal dynamics.  Dynamics are your range between hard and soft hits. As well as training for your dynamics, you can also adjust the sensitivity of your playing pads to suit your style. Pad Train: “Training” your pads consists of telling the trapKAT what a soft hit and a hard hit are in your playing style.  If you are a finesse player, your hard hit may only be a medium hit for a basher.  One set of settings aren’t appropriate for both of you because when you play through your personal dynamic range from soft to hard, you need to get a full range of volume out of the sounds you are playing not just soft to medium loudness. To train the trapKAT for your playing dynamics, do the following: 1.  Depress the GLOBAL EDIT footswitch. 2.  Hit rimPad11.  The display will say: <<>> 3.  Hit rimPad11 again.  The beeper turns on & the display says: <<>> 4.  Hit a Pad (or Bass Trigger) softly.  Don’t try to do the softest hit imaginable - do what you typically use as a soft hit in normal playing.  The screen says (if you had hit Pad1, for example): <<>> 5.  So hit the same pad again, this time hard.  Don’t smash it as hard as you can - do what you would typically use in normal playing.  Then the screen will say: <<>> 6.  Then the display will say: <<>> So, either hit some other pad softly to Train it, or release the GLOBAL EDIT footswitch to get back out of training. The pads are all trained individually because of their varied locations, uses, and types (regular pads vs. rimpads).  So train any that don’t respond the way you would like.  Feel free to experiment with different levels of soft and hard hits.  This training, together with the Velocity Curve you use has a significant effect on the “naturalness” of the dynamic response of your trapKAT.  See p.25-26 in the trapKAT manual.
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