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How do you adjust the Pad Threshold in the trapKAT?
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Pad Threshold: The training does not affect your bottom end sensitivity - or how light of a hit your trapKAT may pick up.  The Threshold is the setting that affects how sensitive your pads are.  The lower the value the more sensitive that particular pad will be.  However, if you make the Threshold too low that pad may trigger itself.   Before you actually start adjusting your Thresholds, make sure that your Minimum Velocity is high enough for you to hear your soft hits (see p17-18).  In some noisy environments (and with some sound sources) Minimum Velocities of 40 or higher may be necessary.  If your Minimum Velocity is 02, the trapKAT may be picking up your soft hits, but playing them too softly for you to hear them. To see and adjust the Threshold of any of your pads do the following; 1.  Depress the GLOBAL EDIT footswitch. 2.  Hit rimPad12.  The display will say: <<>> 3.  Hit rimPad12 again.  The display says: <<>> 4.  Hit a Pad.  The display will show you the threshold for that pad. <<>> 5.  If you strike that pad again, you will increment the Threshold (less sensitive and less likely to false trigger.) To decrement while editing, do a “quick-click”.  That is, release the footswitch and quickly redepress it.  The beeping when you hit a pad will change to indicate that you are now decrementing.  (A second “quick-click” will return you to incrementing.)  Do a quick-click and you will be back in the screen you were in, but now decrementing.  Do another quickclick and you are back incrementing again.  Also, if you are decrementing and then select another pad without releasing the foot, you will be decrementing that pad now. 6.  If you strike any other pad you will see the value of its Threshold and be able to change its value. It is normal for your pads to have different values, so only change those you want to make more or less sensitive. See p.26-27 in the trapKAT manual.
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