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How do you adjust the Bass Input Gain in the trapKAT?
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BASS Input Gain: The BASS input can be trained and threshold and dynamics can be changed in the same way as for pads.  One additional difference for the BASS Input is that it has a globally selectable (1 setting used for all kits) GAIN to help accommodate the variety of Bass Triggers available.  Simply hit rimPad18, with the GLOBAL EDIT footswitch depressed, and you cycle through the three Gain settings - MIN (for fatKAT and miniKICK), MID (for other bass triggers that need more boost), & MAX (for kicKAT).  If after training the BASS input, the response of your bass trigger is not optimum, then try a new Gain, then Train and adjust your Bass Threshold. See p.27-28 in the trapKAT manual?
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