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How long does the sensor last?
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The FSR sensor under the rubber playing surface is the part that needs to be replaced on your unit. The sensors should be replaced every 4 to 7 years depending on use, similar to changing drum heads on acoustic sets. We have found that when the drumKAT is played on more often the life of the sensor is extended. Lack of use or storage for long periods of time actually shortens the life of the sensor, so try not to put it away. Turn it on and play it as much as you can.


The cost for this repair is $155 plus shipping. This will replace the sensor on the entire unit. Call us toll free @ 877-933-6237 to get a Return Authorization Number to send it in.


We have a 5 day turn around time on repairs once we receive it. We also have a same day or 2 day service for an additional cost if needed.


This is also a good time to upgrade to the latest software if you don't already have it. The latest software upgrade for the DK10 is version 1.8

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