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My trapKAT pads are not playing well, now what?
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If the trapKAT surface doesn't seem to be playing well, try these things...
•  Adjust thresholds of your Pads - see p.26-27 in the trapKAT manual.
•  Train your Pads to your personal dynamic range - see p.25-26 in the trapKAT manual .
•  Call up FactoryKit 1 on the trapKAT (See p.9-10 in the trapKAT manual).  Verify that the Sound Source is on MIDI Channel 10.
•  Disconnect the MIDI cable.  Turn the trapKAT and Sound Source Off. Leave all footswitches plugged in.  Turn the trapKAT and the Sound Source back on.  Reconnect the MIDI cable.
•  Try REINITIALIZING your trapKAT (See p.30-31 in the trapKAT manual).
•  Call Alternate Mode Customer Service (413) 594-5190.
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