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What is the latest software version of for the dk10?
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DK10 V1.8 - (software) Pad sensitivity adjustments. 7 different GATE times, Roll Mode, Latch Mode (loops On/Off) and Program Changes.The DK10 os v1.8 Integrated Pad/Set Controller. Pads: 10 FSR pads. Kits: 6 Factory (GM) and 3 User. Inputs: Kick and HiHat Adjustable Trigger Parameters: 4 Preset Velocity Curves, 4 Pad Sensitivities,  4 Trigger Gains and 7 Gate Times, Roll Mode. Other Features: Program Changes and Latch Mode allows Hitting a pad to start and stop external sequences.

Cost $39 plus shipping. User installed software upgrade chip and guide.

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