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What are the KIT/PAD Settings in the trapKAT?
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Making changes to the KIT/PAD settings in your trapKAT is just as easy as the changes to your GLOBAL settings.  The KIT/PAD changes you can make range from Kit Name to Pad Gate Time and are specific per kit.    An illustration of the layout [kit/pad pdf] of the KIT/PAD Functions is on p.36-37 in the Appendix.
PAD01 = Kit Channel
PAD02 = Kit Minimum Velocity
PAD03 = Kit Maximum Velocity
PAD04 = Kit Velocity Curve
PAD05 = Kit HiHat Select
PAD06 = Kit  Splash Note
PAD07 = Kit Program Channel
PAD08 = Kit Program Change Value
PAD09 = Kit Volume
PAD10 = Kit Gate Time
PAD11 = Pad Channel
PAD12 = Pad Minimum Velocity
PAD13 = Pad Maximum Velocity
PAD14 = Pad Velocity Curve
PAD15 = Kit Copy "to" Kit
PAD16 = Perform Kit Copy
PAD17 = Foot Control Channel
PAD18 = Foot Control Type
PAD19 = (not assigned at this time)
PAD20 = Pad Pressure Adjust
PAD21 = Name Kit
PAD22 = All Notes Off
PAD23 = (not assigned at this time)
PAD24 = Pad Gate Time

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