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  1. questionHow long does the sensor last?
    The FSR sensor under the rubber playing surface is the part that needs to be replaced on your unit. The sensors should be replaced every 4 to 7 years depending on use, similar to changing drum h ...

  2. questionWhat is the latest software version of for the dk10?
    DK10 V1.8 - (software) Pad sensitivity adjustments. 7 different GATE times, Roll Mode, Latch Mode (loops On/Off) and Program Changes.The DK10 os v1.8 Integrated Pad/Set Controller. Pads: 10 FSR ...

  3. questionHow do I reset the dk10 (reinitialize)?
    The dk10 can be re-initialized back to original Factory settings by simultaneously holding down pads 1, 3, and 4 on power-up.)

  4. questionHow do I select Kits on the dk10?
    To select another Kit, turn your dK10 off. Hold down another Pad while turning the dK10 on. The beep pattern will verify another Kit selection. Play it. A second, easier way to change Kit sele ...

  5. questionWhen do I change the battery on a KAT controller?
    When the Controller looses its memory on power up and your kits are gone, you know its time to change your battery.  (You must back up regularly).Batteries usually last between 5-10 years b ...

  6. questionHow do you switch between Factory and User kits on the trapKAT?
    Hold down the GLOBAL footswitch and hit PAD1 until it says Factory Kits Selected or User Kits Selected, then release the footswitch.

  7. questionWhat are the specs of the trapKAT power supply?
    The trapKAT power supply uses a locking, 9 volt, 500mA, positive tip power supply. These can be purchased directly through Alternate Mode.

  8. questionWhat kind of connections are on the trapKAT?
    The trapKAT has a 9 volt (500 mA, positive tip) power connector, a Breath Controller input, a trigger input, a hi-hat controller/footswitch input, a MIDI input, a pair of MIDI outputs and 4 footsw ...

  9. questionWhat type of footswitches can be used with the trapKAT?
    There are basically 2 types of *momentary footswitches - Normally Open and Normally Closed. The KAT KF1 footswitches are the, Normally Open type. Now this doesn't mean you can't use the Normally C ...

  10. questionWhat kind of trigger sources can be plugged into the trapKAT?
    You may connect a variety of triggering sources including the kicKAT, fatPedal, & miniKICK foot triggers from KAT.  Other manufacturers trigger pedals should work also. You "TRAIN" the trapKA ...

  11. questionWhat kind of Hi-Hat sources can be plugged into the trapKAT?
    The Hi-Hat will accept either a footswitch (KF1) or a hatPedal foot controller (connected from the hatPedal Control output with a standard 1/4” shielded cable).  The main use of this input ...

  12. questionHow do you setup the Breath Controller?
    The Breath Control input accepts a signal from the Yamaha BC2 Breath Controller. (The Yamaha BC3 is the newer version, but is very finicky. We recommend the BC2.) A Global setting allows Pitchbend ...

  13. questionIs the trapKAT General MIDI Compatible?
    Yes, most of the Factory Kits in the trapKAT are in a General MIDI layout. If you are using  a multi-timbral sound source, you will find that the infectious Melodic and Percussive Grooves are ...

  14. questionHow do you select kits in the trapKAT?
    You can change kits 2 ways in the trapKAT. Each time you press the KIT SELECT footswitch, you will advance through the kits. You can also hold down the KIT SELECT footswitch and hit the pad that c ...

  15. questionIs there a trapKAT kit setup for use with the EMU Procussion?
    Yes, Factory KIT 23 is pre-programmed for use with the EMU Procussion, as long as kit 23 in the Procussion is still in it's factory state.

  16. questionIs there a trapKAT kit setup for use with the RY-30?
    Yes, Factory KIT 24 is pre-programmed for use with the RY-30, as long as kit 24 in the RY-30 is still in it's factory state.

  17. questionWhat is a GROOVE in the trapKAT?
    If your best friend is a Bass player and likes to practice any time you want, then these Grooves won’t be of much interest to you.  If instead, you have a hard time finding someone to pract ...

  18. questionHow do you use GROOVE in the trapKAT?
    Your trapKAT display says something like: ... the “MG” means Melodic Groove, “PG” means Percussive Groove.  The bottom line tells you what Groove is currently selected and what Tempo ...

  19. questionHow do you reverse or go backwards through values on the trapKAT?
    To reverse or go backwards through values in the trapKAT you use a  “Quick-click” technique on the footswitch. To “quick-click”, while editing, means to release the footswitch and qui ...

  20. questionHow do you edit kits in the trapKAT - Overview?
    All editing uses the same simple method: 1.  Press a footswitch to let the trapKAT know that you want to edit or change something.  When changing Notes you will press the NOTE EDIT foo ...

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