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  1. questionHow do I set up, play and edit my trapKAT?
    How do I set up, play and edit my Trapkat? From the factory to you, your TrapKat is programmed to work "out of the box" along with most sound modules and drum machines on the market. (Especiall ...

  2. questionWhat are the General MIDI note numbers for drums?
    What are the General MIDI note numbers for drums? Note # KEY # DRUM SOUND Note # KEY # DRUM SOUND 35 Acoustic Bass Drum   59 Ride Cymbal 36 Bass Drum   60 Hi Bongo 37 Si ...

  3. questionHow do I save SYX EX on a computer? (how do I back up kits)
    How do I save and load sysex (create backups of your data etc) on a computer? Go here and watch the sysex tutorial video. It is for a DrumKAT, PC, and MIDI OX (download) but can be applied to a ...

  4. questionHow do I hook up my hatpedal to the drumKAT?
    How do I hook up my hatKAT to the drumKAT?Using the hatKAT as a hi hat with the drumKAT 3.0 Connect the CTRL out of the CTRL to the hatKAT/FK1 input. (In HATNTE mode, the pedal will allow you ...

  5. questionHow do I connect a hatpedal to a MIDI KITI PRO?
    Using the hatpedal as a hi hat with the midiKITI PRO. Connect the FTSW out of the MIMT into the footswitch input of the md0l. (This will allow the "normal hi hat operation with a better feel ...

  6. questionHow do I return a product back to Alternate Mode?
    How do I return a product back to Alternate Mode? We want you to be happy with KAT controllers. If you are not happy with your purchase, please call us. If we can not resolve your issues and yo ...

  7. questionUpgrade for the Yamaha Motif ES / all the sounds have an unwanted echo
    Yamaha has released a fix for the MOTIF ES RACK.  The problem is that suddenly Voices and Performances have the SWITCH parameter changed defaulting to ECHO.Go tohttp://www.yamahasynth.com/dow ...

  8. questionHow do I sync a malletKAT and a Kurzwiel PC2R?
    First, find the sound that you want by manually turning the dial on the Kurzweil.   Other than the User Bank, all of the programs on the Kurzweil are their FACTORY settings. When you find the ...

  9. questionIs there a way to have more than 48 kits on a drumKAT Turbo?
    Unfortunately that is the maximum amount of kits. A solution to this would be to use two drumKATs together working in tandem.

  10. questionHow can I restore PC2R settings after a battery change?
    Before changing the battery to your PC2R you will need to download the Kurzwiel DUMP off of our website and follow the directions listed there. You can also send your PC2R to Alternate Mode an ...

  11. questionWhich sound module is best for getting the most realistic vibe and marimba sounds?
    As far as modules go, the kurzweil sound card has the best vibes and marimba on the market. BUT... soft synths (VST's) can blow away the kurzweil because they have unlimited memory.

  12. questionCan you have the kurzweill and a midi-out sound source playing at the same time?

  13. questionWith the virtual mod wheel, are you limited to pitch bend or can you modify other characteristics of the sounds samples?
    YES. Its called CNTRL mode. You can send any of the 128 CC messages out.

  14. question Could you hook up an expression pedal to act as a mod wheel?

  15. question I have heard weird rumblings on forums that it is bad for the Malletkat to be stored vertically? Is this true?
    The pads are held on with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive). Gravity is always with us. If it gets HOT, the glue can soften (especially in the sun). If the pads shift just a few millimeters, t ...

  16. questionCan you run hang and dampen modes at the same time? What about dampen and dead stroke (could you change the velocity settings so a dead stroke would register with a harder stroke)
    The hang mode is calling up controller two. When dampen is activated, it effects both controllers. A dead stroke can not be activated by velocity BUT you could set up a VELOCITY SHIFT po ...

  17. questionIs the inHEAD/onHEAD multi zone?
    The inHEAD/onHEAD electronic heads are single zone sensors that require the inBOX or DITI for power.  They are not multi zone or positional sensing pads.  They simply plug into your drum ...

  18. questionIs the eRIM a separate trigger?
    Yes.  The eRIM is completely independent from the inHEAD/onHEAD and does not need the inBOX.  It can plug directly into a drum module's TRIGGER in.  It can also be used with the inB ...

  19. questionWhat are the sensors in the inHEAD/onHEAD?
    Virtually all of the trigger pads on the market use piezo sensors and generally are placed in the center of the drum, creating a hot zone in the middle.  The inHEADs/onHEADs uses FSR technolo ...

  20. questionWhat Gain settings do I use for my drum module when using the inHEAD/onHEAD?
    The Gain Settings can vary quite a bit, depending on how you set the pot on the inBOX.  Here are the general rulesSet the Gain to the lowest setting that still gives you the widest range.&nbs ...

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