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  1. questionHow do you assign the Foot Control Input in the trapKAT?
    FOOT CONTROL ASSIGN: The most advanced HiHat control is available from sound sources that use “Continuous Controller” information to create variable amounts of Closed for a HiHat.  This p ...

  2. questionWhat is Cymbal Choke in the trapKAT?
    Cymbal Choke Enable: Cymbals may be “choked” by simply grabbing the cymbal pad or rim in the same manner you would grab an acoustic cymbal to choke it. This feature presently works wit ...

  3. questionWhat is Cymbal Choke / Exclusive 96 Mode in the trapKAT (2.0 feature)?
    If you own an Alesis D4 or DM5 sound module, you can now get a more realistic cymbal performance with the ability to choke cymbals.  This feature was previously only available to owners of Ro ...

  4. questionWhat types of HIHAT MODES are in the drumKAT?
    You have 3 ways to setup a hihat in the drumKAT 3.5: Normal HiHat (using a footswitch like the KF1), HATNOTE and Controller 04 (which both use Continuous Controller information sent out from pedal ...

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