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Alberto Lovison

Alberto Lovison - Alternate Mode Artist
Alberto Lovison - Alternate Mode Artist

Alberto "abertico" Lovison was born in Vicenza, Italy. He stared to learn Afro-Cuban percussion when he was 9 years old,

studying with Valerio Galla. At the age of 15, he was enrolled in the Arrigo Pedrollo Music Conservatory.

Here he studied classical percussion with maestro Facchin Guido. Alberto studied jazz vibraphone technique with Saverio Tasca,

Dave Samuels, Ed Saindon. Since 2006, he has been working on Latin/Disco and House music projects with italian DJ’s.

2008 he started studying vibraphone and jazz pedagogy at Kunst Universität in Graz, Austria,

where he currently studies/performs  with Günther Brück,Günter Meinhart (Studio Percussion Graz) and T.Howard Curtis III.

Since 2009 Abertico joined the band SWAY (Graz), wich has recentely reached the third place

in the semifinal of  Emergenza contest performing at the A-38 in Budapest, as a MalletKat/Afro-Cuban percussion player.