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Anthony Annucci

Anthony Annucci - Alternate Mode Artist

Anthony is a man of (at least) two worlds. Born and raised in New York City, he began to play drums at age 7. Anthony recalls -- “I was 6 the first time I tried to play drums. I had already loved singing the many songs I learned from my Dad and one of my uncles. But playing drums was something else. At that moment, I knew I was supposed to be a musician.” Collaborating with many players in various bands and genres, Anthony developed the following skills: Acoustic and electronic drumming, hand drumming and other ethnic percussion, arranging, lyrical composition, sampling, synthesis, sound design, keys, midi control and live performance. That’s world one – the creative world.

The other world? While learning about music and its industry, Anthony developed the following skills in the jungles of corporate America: Professional development of teams, project management, designing and re-engineering service delivery models; and keeping one’s cool in the face of tight deadlines, large workloads and clients with high demands and expectations. All of these skills have positioned Anthony for continued success and growth in an ever-evolving entertainment industry.