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Ben Gale

Ben Gale - Alternate Mode Artist
Ben Gale - Alternate Mode Artist


Ben Gale is an educator based in West London, UK. His passion for electronic

percussion was first discovered while watching Roy Ayers perform at Ronnie

Scott’s jazz club, London. In his first year of study at the Royal Northern College

of Music Ben bought his first piece of electronic percussion a 3 octave malletKat.

In completing his studies, Ben joined the touring show Barrage based in Canada

where he performed and toured extensively across North America and Europe.

Performing in such venues from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, Ben has used the

malletkat extensively in full stage shows, enjoying the versatility of programming the

instrument to tailor make his performance.


For the last ten years Ben has been building up his teaching practice across West

London. Electronic percussion has been at the forefront of Ben’s teaching. Using the

malletKat in various ensembles Ben has had national recognition for his work in this

field. One group, which has recently featured on ITV’s London Tonight programme,

Electro 5, is a group consisting of 2 malletKats, synth and V-drums performed by 10-

11 year olds playing homage to classic electro tunes from the 70s and 80s. The group

has performed at London’s Festival Hall, Southbank, Birmingham Conservatoire and

then showed cased to 7,500 school children at the Royal Albert Hall, Primary Proms



Ben’s senior group, The Krupa Percussion Ensemble, this year will be performing

also at London’s Festival Hall, Southbank using two malletKats with the students

affecting real time parameters to create interesting sounds on stage. One of the

main aspects of Ben’s teaching is to not just learn how to turn on a electronic drum

and play a sound but to learn how to setup loops, triggers and affects utilizing the

controllers to their full potential.


Ben is currently developing a teaching program set out to inspire a new generation

in electronic percussion. With the current trends in music being so involved with

programs like Ableton Live, Ben is eager to get more students working with

electronic controllers and the new technology out there.