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Bo Wagner

Bo Wagner - Alternate Mode Artist

Bo Wagner

Musician, Dancer, Singer, Writer and Arranger


Bo started performing professionally in 1950 at the age of five tap dancing, playing drums and singing in nightclubs and local TV shows.

From age seven to ten, Bo started touring major night clubs with his song, dance and music act and had the pleasure of playing with the Glenn Miller Orchestra under the direction of Tex Beneke, the Tony Pastor and Ted Weems Orchestras as a drummer and featured tap dancer.

At age 12 Bo joined The Lawrence Welk TV Show for years as a drummer, mallet player and featured tap dancer. At this time Bo formed his own band and was the first band to ever play in Tomorrow Land at Disneyland.

At age 13, while still performing on the Lawrence Welk Show, Bo formed his own show band revue and began playing the Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno circuit, which continued throughout his teenage years.

During the sixties and seventies Bo was a Los Angeles and Atlanta studio musician recording many albums as a drummer, percussionist, mallet player and arranger with a multiple of major recording artist. During these years Bo was the drummer with 5th Dimension, drummer and mallet player for Liberace, mallet player and supporting act for Roger Williams and a member of the recording groups “The Lewis and Clarke Expedition” with Michael Martin Murphy, “Eternity’s Children” and “Starbuck”. Bo played mallets, drums, percussion, keyboards, sang and arranged on these albums. The biggest single from these groups was “Moonlight Feels Right” which featured a marimba solo for the first time on a Top 40 pop record. This solo helped open the door for mallet work in pop music. Bo was one of the very first to amplify the vibes and marimba and mini it to synthesizers. With these three bands Bo performed on The Midnight Special, Solid Gold, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, American Bandstand, The Mike Douglas Show, Merv Griffin Show, Diana Shore Show and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

During the eighties and nineties Bo arranged and recorded 25 albums for Staler and Stepping Tones Records under his own name and for other artist.

In 2012, after 30 years, the original Starbuck band reunited and has played major concerts in 2012 and 2013 with a number of other famous 70’s recording artists. Bo now plays his marimba and vibe solos exclusively on the Mallet Kat.


Bo studied mallets with Emil Richards, Terry Gibbs, Curry Jader, Jack Imel and Earl Hatch.