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Christian Sequoia

Christian Sequoia - Alternate Mode Artist

Christian is one of a two member group Ode to tHe Marioniette.  He uses the Malletkat to play and record most of the music used in this group.  He is currently looping and sampling during live performance.  Christian attended the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, as well as Wichita State University. He double majored in Composition and Percussion Performance with emphasis in Jazz. After College, Christian played with many top notch musicians including Michael Travis from the String Cheese Incident, Ty North, Kim Stone, Henrique De Almeida, J.C. Combs, Bobby Watson, Dave Watts, and Craig Owens. Christian plays a Ludwig and Tama drum set with Ufips, Sabian, and Zildjian Cymbals, a Jenco 1960's vibraphone, a 5 string Midi/Electric Cello, a Malletkat midi vibraphone, and a Roland V-Synth keyboard. Christian is endorsed by Malletkat, TK String Instruments and Pitts Drum Shop.

 Ode To The Marionette has just released its Debut CD, "Uncomfortable Situation".  You can download it from or you can purchase the cd off of  You can reach both of these links off our newly revamped website at