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Crosstalk Electronic Percussion Ensemble

Crosstalk Electronic Percussion Ensemble - Alternate Mode Artist
Crosstalk Electronic Percussion Ensemble - Alternate Mode Artist


The University of Arizona Electronic Percussion Group

CrossTalk is the only performing ensemble of its kind in the world. Playing DrumKATs, MalletKATs, TrapKATs, Zendrums, HandSonic, WaveDrum, and other electronic percussion systems, this group is shredding the envelope of electronic percussion.

CrossTalk does not play traditional percussion ensemble literature electronically. Instead, the philosophy of the ensemble is to create and perform new works and offer unique musical opportunities and experiences to its members and their audience. 

CrossTalk is a part of the Percussion Studio at the University of Arizona in Tucson, founded and directed by Dr. Norman Weinberg, one of the world's foremost authorities on electronic percussion instruments.


Links -- Home Page (@ University of Arizona) -- Dr. Norman Weinberg YouTube Channel