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Dan Harding

Dan Harding - Alternate Mode Artist

Dan Harding knew he was born to drum early in life.  At the age of seven he constructed a basement stage from cinder blocks and plywood, conscripting his four-year-old brother to help perform hit songs of the 1980s for an audience of two patient parents.  Since then his performances have improved considerably while retaining all of their youthful exuberance. 

Harding made his public debut playing in church before he reached adolescence.  There, he learned musical lessons many long-time drummers never master: the value of being a team player, the importance of listening to the musicians around you, and most of all, how to serve the song.  Along the way, Harding has had trysts with marching bands, jazz ensembles, several rock outfits, and even a ska band.  He has competed in the National Air Guitar Championships, and is an accompanist for Pittsburgh-based Dance Alloy Theater. 

Today this self-taught musician is the drummer for indie rock band Good Night, States, known across the northeast for its odd-couple pairing of inventive song-writing and vintage electronic instrumentation.  Good Night, States was recognized as WYEP's (91.3FM Pittsburgh) 2008 Local Artist of the Year.  Harding prides himself on bringing talented performers together, providing them unending support on and off the stage, and connecting personally with the audiences for whom he plays.  One look at the animated faces made behind his drum set will tell you all you need to know about the passion for percussive excellence that is Dan Harding.

Bio by Tim Tobitsch.
Photo by Hugh Shows.