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Dylan Zito

Dylan Zito - Alternate Mode Artist

Dylan Zito was raised listening to all genres of music. It was apparent by the time the could speak that he not only exhibited an uncanny ability to recognize and recite lyrics to many classics but also demonstrated knowledge, appreciation, and recognition of harmony and melody.

By the age of five, Dylan was displaying an interest in percussion.  Shortly after, his parents bought him his first drum kit. He was self taught until the age of 14 when he sought tutelage from a local and national session drummer/percussionist.  He learned the fundamental rudiments, common and odd time signatures, sight reading, and technique.  

Over the years, Dylan played with many original groups, often sitting in with other groups, nailing covers with groove and accuracy while always respecting the songs themselves.  Perhaps his most notable was the band Chocolate Aqua Voodoo which he founded and directed.  Chocolate Aqua Voodoo was an original band with a large regional fan base encompassing the Southeastern United States.  The Band received radio airtime and toured.  Chocolate Aqua Voodoo was disbanded in 1999.

Dylan then went on to work in studios as a session player, which allowed me to establish himself as a one take artist.  This degree of preparedness and musical and technical knowledge with electronics landed him the position as Musical Director and label drummer for BodyHead Entertainment.  There he worked with many producers and artists alike, ultimately forming and directing the quintet which would back the labels artists/producers in styles varying from Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Funk, Pop, Rock, as well as Rap. 

Taken under the wing of Label Executive Engineer, Scott Ross, Dylan would soon find himself on both sides of the glass.  Starting as the Assistant Engineer and then evolving into Lead Engineer at one of the Labels two studios.  It did not take long for Dylan to become Producer.

Dylan is currently a first call session drummer/percussionist, as well as composer for various musical genres.  His primary outfit, Digital Ether, consists of primarily of Dylan utilizing Alternate Modes Turbo DrumKAT, alongside his Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Kit, with Paiste, Zildjian, Sabian Cymbals, and DW Pedals.  

Latest tasks include: producing, composing, tracking - playing all instruments, programming, engineering, and mixing.  Several late singles are soon to be released on a full length album and can be heard at: