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Enrique Castro

Enrique Castro - Alternate Mode Artist
Enrique Castro - Alternate Mode Artist

I was born in Mexico City and at 6 years old I started to play the piano and soon afterwards the drums. I studied classical percussion in Mexico and I obtanied a MA in Persussion and Composition from NYU -with a Fulbright scholarship. I lived in Montreal, New York City, Pittsburgh, Berlin, Buenos Aires and Mexico City where I performed for modern dance and theatre. In the last years I have been involved in several musical projects playing marimba, percussion and piano. I also worked doing music for image in TV and cinema. Now I am living in Bergen, Norway, where the music scene is wonderful.


I have two bands:


- Playa Magenta: trio from Mexico City, where we mix mexican folk with electronic music


-Language of Clouds: a duet with norwegian singer Linn Taklo