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Eric Mullis

Eric Mullis - Alternate Mode Artist
Eric Mullis - Alternate Mode Artist

I began studying percussion early on and don't see any end in sight. I began with a drum set, playing along with whatever was popular at the time. In high school, I went on to learn the basics of jazz drumming and was introduced to mallet percussion as well (vibes and marimba). In college, I played in various groups in the Charlotte area. While doing graduate work in philosophy, I played and performed with Djoliba Don, a West African drum ensemble based in Columbia SC. West African rhythms opened my eyes to many things; to poly-rhythms as well as playing with a close-knit group of drummers and dancers. I've recently released a CD that includes West African drum tracks, some Latin jazz, and a few ambient/experimental tracks. The three tracks on my player are unmixed versions of the songs that appear on the CD.
Currently, I'm playing jazz drums in Charlotte with two groups. I play with the Bill Hannah Quintet on Tuesday nights at Big Ben British pub and with the Presley Brothers Quartet on Saturday nights at Blue. I had the pleasure of playing with these two groups in a Jazz festival (Festival Eclats d'Email) in Limoges France in 2006 and 2007. It was a blast to see and meet French Jazz musicians and see where they are taking the art form. My original fusion/funk quartet, Actual Proof, is currently playing in and around the Charlotte area. I've returned to mallet percussion--playing vibraphone and MalletKat. This is giving me the opportunity to write more comprehensive music and collaborate with three deft musicians--Phillip Berkley III, Scott Brower, Silas Aldridge, and Clint Presley. Check out Actual Proof's myspace for more mp3s, videos, pics, and current schedule.