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Erik Paul

Erik Paul - Alternate Mode Artist

Erik reminisces that he most likely began his musical journey when his mother went into labor with him on a dance floor at a K.S.J.O. radio staff party (where his father served as the station's general manager).


"It was not long thereafter, around the age of four, that I began playing some real cooking percussive instruments, literally, as I would set up on the family's backyard table with various pots and pans, coffee containers, and whatever else I could find that made a distinctive sound really, and I would just kind of bash around with that in solitude, as in retrospect it would have probably required an extremely benevolent audience, unless the audience were to have been held completely captive, in the truest sense of the phrase.... I was fortunate, I had an understanding family and sympathetic neighbors."


Since that time, Erik went on to study classical percussion with the author of the seminal work, "Portraits In Rhythm" and former principle percussionist with the San Francisco Symphony, Anthony J. Cirone, as well as the world and avant-garde percussion legend Lou Harrison, piano with Joan Stubbe, and voice with Derek Graydon and Linda Kerns.



Erik has performed in concert halls and musical venues around the world, from Stanford University to Sorbonne, from Cafe Rodeo - Beverly Hills to Club Hollywood - Milan Italy.