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Gerry Williams

Gerry Williams - Alternate Mode Artist
Gerry Williams - Alternate Mode Artist

The Gerry Williams Band was formed by Musician, Songwriter and Producer, Gerry Williams. The combination of musical skills and talents is what makes Gerry Williams a mastermind in his craft. Deeply involved in every aspect of music from production to teaching he has the capability to become one of todays best well rounded entertainers. Gerry is a music Instructor at a preparatory school, private vocal Instructor, music producer and marching band instructor. A songwriter and producer for major recording artists and up and coming artists. Gerry also does original composition for TV/Film projects. With his musical background, You can only imagine how much heart he puts into his own projects.

The Gerry Williams Band is a project Gerry nurtures in every rehearsal. The music arrangements and Lyrics are all by Gerry Williams. When forming the Gerry Williams Band he handpicked each musician. The musicians that make up The Gerry Williams Band are talented, ambitious and passionate. Each member of the band is a professional in their craft. They've played for some of the greats and have been on tours around the world.

With influences such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Al Green and Prince. Gerry Williams is known for his powerful performances and memorable moments. His Lyrics are story telling and intense. On stage, he blows away the crowd with his vibraphone and timbalino solos, while bringing the audience to life with his gospel rooted vocals and talent on the keys. The Gerry Williams Band is a cross between funk, Soul, R&B and JamBand. The music is blended with funky melodies and high energy rhythm and horn arrangements. The screaming horn section fill up the room, rhythmic percussion keeps the flow while the drummer holds the groove. The bass and electric guitars keep it funky all the time. On Stage, The Gerry Williams Band connects with the audience by luring them into a zone each time. This band is a crowd pleaser that knows how to connect with the audience. Their main objective is to entertain from start to end.