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IrwinMusic  - Alternate Mode Artist

"Irwin's live electronic shows vary widely but typically consist of elements- breakbeat, ambient, noise, rock, d&b, down tempo, and some live mash-ups.
All beats are performed live, other sounds are generated directly from modules or computer- accessed via theremin and looped on the spot." -111 Minna Gallery

"one of the most original and cool things that I have ever seen." -Scott Riggs 105.3 FM

"Irwin is considered by many the most innovative and talented live electronic act in the world." -KPBS

"Irwin doesn't just play his electronic (music) - he makes it on the spot, creating all the beats and sounds right in front of you... see it if you dare pussy" -PaperMag

"Irwin has played with The Beastie Boys, David Navarro of Jane's Addiction and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Will Cooper of Mazzy Star, Fred Wesley from James Brown's band, Rickie Lee Jones and John Cale of the Velvet Underground.
If Irwin's last performance is indicative, anything is possible at his next show. Irwin's last performance was a chaotic mix of groaning samples lifted from porn flicks, beautiful serene soundscapes, backwards analog-synthesizers and intense live drumming." -The Guardian

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