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JI Hye

JI Hye - Alternate Mode Artist
JI Hye - Alternate Mode Artist

-Graduated from Department of Music education of Sahmyook University, Seoul

-Former head player of the percussion instrument at Union Orchestra , Seoul

-Taught a percussion instrument at Sahmyook high school

-Played a Marimba for the OST 'Deviced Family'

-Composed and arranged of TWOJI’s single album.

-Former leading lady for a musical “Good morning B-boy”

-Currently leader and marimba player of electric fusion ensemble, ‘TWOJI’ 

About TWOJI Team

-TWOJI is a well known electronic fusion ensemble with marimba, drum, cello and violin in Korea.

-TWOJI means Cross-Over, It throws the intention of music in the world

-TWOJI are players admitted in Korea and overseas with excellent musical capacity and activities. It is a professional playing team that leads high-quality Korean fusion music to Show,Be Heard and Enjoy.

-We have gained the best reputation of only one team with a marimba for performing and releasing the album by EMI since we've started. Many audiences show their enthusiasm about marimba in various ways.  

-We have been supported other three instruments by YAMAHA MUSIC KOREA.  

-Single Album Songs

1. Dance of the Orient - Self-composed song giving a sense of oriental mystery and an exciting dance music

2. Wake up Beethoven! - Reinertation of Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven with disco tempo

3. Sabre Dance - Charismatic ewpression if 'Sabre Dance' by Khachaturian 

Main Profile 

-Sing Concert at Woongjin think BIg At Hall

-The 10th Anniversary Concert for Cultural Service of Love at Young Theater of National Meseum of Korea

-St.Najaro Town Support Concert, Garand Theater of Sejong Center Grand Theater

-5-city Tour concert of Family Concert Sponsored by Shinhan Bank

(Seoul , Daeheon , Daegu , Gwangju , Busan)

-Fundraising Concert for North Korea Women, Assembly Hall of National Assembly Building

-2 times of performance at the musical 'Good morning B-Boy',

Chuncheon Culture&Art Center [Actress:Leader JI Hye]

-Celebration performance for the 30th anniversary of MBC Radio 'Women Age'

-invited performance at the 2nd Regional Innovation Convention & Exposition(Sponsored by the President)

-Celebration concert For BUsan new port opening [sponsored by the President]

-invited performance by Japanese Cultural Institure Concert (Sponsored by Embassy of Japan)

-The 88th National Games, Opening Ceremony (Supported by the President)

-The 88th National Games, Closing Ceremony 

Overseas Performance

- Invited performance at Beijing World Motor Show, China

- Invited performance at Tokyo World Game Show 2005, Japan

- Invited performance at Tokyo KOREA FESTA 2005, Japan

- Celebration performance for the Night of Appreciating Korea Fever at Imperial Hotel, Japan

(Korea Tourism Association)

- Invited performance at Samsung Electronics AV Road Show, Singapore 


KBS Live performance of The 88th National Athlectic Competition

  - Sound of the Sky and the Land

Introduced at KBS NEWS introduction, etc.

Introduced at MBC NEWS/Issue Focus Live, etc.

SBS 'New Gope Korea 2006' Celebration Performance/NEWS, etc.

YTN Star Youth Music Festival, Special 2007 119 angel Contest

Car TV 2007 Seoul World Motor Show TWOJI performance Full broadcasting

National Assembly Broadcasting/YTN/Other cale and Internet TVs 


Hero in of Good Morning B-Boy,Ji Hye who is the leader of the electric fusion ensemble TWOJI

- Intriduced at News Plus

Be with the electric fusion ensemnle TWOJI on the new challenge!

- Women magazine SHAPE, the first issue

Women Power created by four females! World First World Best TWOJI!!!

- Women magazine Ecole July Issue

TWOJI, Messenger of fusion classic to deliver Korean cross-over

music to the world! - introduced at Sisa PLUS

we mixed pop and jazz based on the classic

- segye Daily

Focus in the cross-over 4-female band, TWOJI - Sports World

Expect a new cross-over - Daily Sports

'TWOJI' , a 4-female cross-over team - segye Daily

4-people 4-color cross-over, TWOJI - Sports Chosun

4-female electric fusion ensemble, TWOJI - Game Mecca

Beautiful TWOJI preparing a special concert to fundraise for North Korea Human Right Yonhap News

Pop-pin Hyunjun & TWOJI classic performance Sports Korea

Electric fusion ensemble, TWOJI playing a nes game music fir Freechal Sports Korea

4-female electric fusion ensemble, 'TWOJI' lauched a single album Newsis