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Joe Machine

Joe Machine - Alternate Mode Artist
Joe Machine - Alternate Mode Artist

In this millennium come digital era arises JOE MACHINE from Barcelona, the ultimate in LIVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC.


Playing an electronic drum kit connected to different synth's, samplers, fx's and lights, JOE MACHINE offers, “A DIGITAL- ORGANIC FUSION!”


JOE MACHINE fuses with the machines, controls them and becomes the engine of all the visual effects and music, creating an awesome and challenging experience.


The total absence of playback from CDs, vinyl, sequencers or any other source make this performance different from any other artists! The result... a stunning show. An ELECTRONIC MUSIC CONCERT and VISUAL EFFECTS much more organic and alive than anybody has done up til now.


From tribal deep song, BHAJAN through the intimate ambient love song WOODS IN RAIN, to the infectious sax groove in the house style song, BAD GALS LUV CHEEKY BOYS. All of this, within an awesome, imaginative concept.


All on the CD debut, LANDING ON EARTH entirely produced, composed and performed by JOE MACHINE.


Joe Is currently undertaking a CD promotional tour over the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe, as well as performing in Electronic Music Festivals, clubs, etc.


JOE MACHINE is definitely the outstanding LIVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC experience of the digital era!