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Kalyan Pathak

Kalyan Pathak - Alternate Mode Artist
Kalyan Pathak - Alternate Mode Artist
Kalyan Pathak - Alternate Mode Artist

Kalyan Pathak is a composer, musician, drummer and a percussion player of a multi cultural experience covering a very vast base.


Raised in a musical family in Ahmedabad, India, he began his formal training in Classical North Indian Tabla at the age of 9, and continued this rigorous regimen until he was 15. Soon thereafter, his passion for rhythm led him to broaden his musical horizons, and he spent 5 years in Bombay under the tutelage of Ranjit Barot, devoting himself to western drumset, while concurrently doing session work in the Bombay studio scene.


Kalyan came to Chicago in the early nineties, and in addition to receiving a B.Mus. degree in Jazz studies with honors, he went on to study African, Afro-cuban, Latin and Middle Eastern genres of percussion.


Since moving to the U.S., Kalyan has become one of the busiest tabla virtuoso and multi-ethnic percussionists in the country.


Apart from numerous collaborations and recording projects, Kalyan has performed with the Chicago Immigrant Orchestra, toured and performed in Europe and Brazil, and he plays regularly with Fareed Haque, the Chicago guitarist of world repute.


Notable recent projects include, composing and performing original score live on stage with Fareed Haque, for production of 'Homeland Security', a play with reputed Contemporary American Theater Festival, and DVD and CD releases with the 'Fareed Haque Group' in the year 2004.


Leading his own group, Jayho Jazzmata, Kalyan has been performing his compositions blending jazz, blues with Indian ragas and folk influences.


Kalyan and Jayho Jazzmata have released a cd on Zilka Records. Please visit to learn more about Kalyan Pathak.