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Kimball "KHook" Hooker


At the age of 12, Kimball was inspired to play the drums.  His desire to play started while in church.  It was then that his parents bought him his first drum set.  Kimball loved the snap of the drums and the feeling it gave him.    Kimball would sit for hours on the back porch listening to the radio and trying to recreate the sounds and rhythms that he heard.  

After high school, Kimball moved to Minneapolis to pursue his musical dream.  During his time in Minnesota, he played with a local group called The Rude Boys.  

Kimball returned to the Bay Area in the early 90’s.  It was then he began recording and writing music.  During this time, Kimball bought his first studio.  He directed a short video for Black Nate DeBiase.  The Natrix, video clip Unstoppable was shown on BET.

In 2010, Kimball began to focus on playing drums full time.  Over his career in music he has played with many talented artists such as Cindy Herron of EnVogue, Gloria Scott, Jesse Johnson of The Time, , Kenny Neal, Stevie B., Eddie Gale (Blue Note), and Calvin Keys.

Today Kimball continues to record, write, and perform with various artists.  He works as a full time drummer playing multiple genres.  He also continues to work as a full time studio drummer.